Champagne Lava Lamp

Every day is a celebration! Or so my blog and the number of posts about me ingesting champagne would lead you to believe. The latest molecular mixology project: champagne lava lamp.

After the champagne boob gelatin project, Joy and I decided to try making tiny, colorful alcohol-filled bubbles. The bubbles turned out larger and less bubble-shaped than intended, but overall the project was a success. They danced around in our champagne making a lava-lamp-like drink. Oh, and it all tasted really good.

No, those aren’t fruit snacks in our drinks. They are tiny brandy and creme de cassis bubbles of flavor!

It was surprisingly easy to make, and we’re totally going to do it again. I suggest that if you like champagne and flavor that you be a copy cat and do this. Do it!


  • 3 oz. creme de cassis (This is black currant liqueur, used for color and flavor. Substitute if you will.)
  • 3 oz. lemon juice
  • 2 oz. cherry brandy (We used this because it was available. The recipe that inspired this said to use Parfait Amour.)
  • 1 package of gelatin

Then you boil those things together and pour them into a squeezy bottle with a spout. Put it in the fridge and let it partially set. It should still be liquid but a little jiggly.

This is a squeezy bottle with a spout.

Oh I should have said … Before doing all this, fill a container with canola oil and put it in the freezer and let it half-freeze. We used a long, tall container. But several small, drinking-glass-shaped 8 oz. containers would have worked better.

Then! You take the squeezy bottles and drip droplets of delicious bubble mix into the partially frozen oil. Our oil wasn’t frozen enough so the bubbles spread out. However, if the oil were more frozen, then the bubbles would have remained suspended in the oil.

I put the oil container in the freezer with the bubble drops in it overnight. Then I took it out the next day and left it in the fridge until we were ready to use them. Simply drain the oil and rinse the bubbles off with water.

Then! The best part. Put the bubbles in a champagne glass, fill it with champagne, watch your bubbles jump up and down in lava lamp fashion, and drink. We did this, and it made us make giddy noises and smile. Delicious!

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