DIY Cocktails (aka MY BOOK!) available for pre-order

Eep! My book is on Amazon already! Go order it … unless you really want to buy it in stores for a higher price so I make an extra 20 cents or whatever. You might say, “Wait, your name is not Martha. Why are you trying to take credit for Martha’s book?” Do not be confused. Martha Simmons, author of 9.11.01: African American Leaders Respond to an American Tragedy and Preaching with Sacred Fire: An Anthology of African American Sermons, 1750 to the Present, has not suddenly started writing about cocktails. That is actually supposed to be my name!


  1. butrcupluv says:

    that is funny and awesome and strangely typical

  2. Krista says:

    Where is the like button up in here? Oh well… I ‘ll just say so.. Krista likes this! I would like to do something with watermelon that suits my palette. I can now learn how because of you and that’s awesome.

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